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Our mission is to help and support all professionals and students aspiring for a great career in Management and would like to explore opportunities around the globe. We encourage you to think deeply before you invest in yourself. Planning well in advance can help you get into your target B-schools and move towards achieving your vision.

We strive to help professionals make right and informed decisions and make them think in the right direction. Evaluate yourself and take the right path at the right time.


Welcome to the Global MBA Gyan.com.

Here you can find information & support for global MBA opportunities, universities, GMAT, alumni and almost anything which you need to know or need help with to plan for your MBA. Plan well in advance and mold your career according to your goals & aspirations.


- Weighted salary : Top 5 dominated by US region schools

​- % Salary Increase : Top 5 dominated by Asian schools (particularly China)

- Short duration programs (mostly Europe) Vs the Traditional programs

- Competition among Schools clustered in one region or country 

- Language challenge in Non-English speaking countries or regions

- Alumni Spread and Career Services

- Domestic MBA OR  Global MBA

- Personal Analysis Vs Market and available Opportunities

- Plethora of MBA Rankings and Internet Sources

- Entrepreneurial opportunities and support

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